Closet Door Handles Black

Closet door handles – Do you want to give extra use to the doors of your closet? Would you like to renew them without spending more than they cost you? You can choose to make small changes on your own, saving a lot of money and improving the appearance of your room. Do you sign […]

Double Sliding Barn Closet Doors

If you have a room large enough, you can turn an entire wall into a closet. The use of sliding barn closet doors and the creation of different compartments, allows you to have everything much better organized. There are spaces in the house that we sometimes waste or do not take enough advantage of not […]

Barn Door Closet Doors Style

The barn door closet doors are usually, almost without realizing, one of the most important parts of our house. And is that when we are young or when we rent a flat for the first time. It is not usually what we give more importance in our home … However, when we grow, we realize […]

Bedroom Closet Door Replacement

So that the corners are perfect, leave some excess paper and also line the sides (as if it were the cover of a book). The quality wallpapers are washable and will not give you maintenance problems. If instead you choose to use maps or other paper, as in the second photo, keep in mind that […]

Bifold Closet Door Installation

With a drawing as simple as polka dots, it looks great! For those who prefer graphic lines, with bodybuilder’s tape, establish reserves with the design you choose. And then paint the closet door installation. When you remove the bodybuilder ribbon you will see the design with the same color as the base. Do you like […]

Barn Door Closet Color

Do not the doors of your cupboards like them, are they damaged or do you feel like giving them a change? Decorating barn door closet is a solution that is not expensive and the possibilities of personalization are many . You may choose to do it because they are slightly damage. Or because they are […]

Bifold Closet Doors Installation Diy

Beyond its aesthetics, a bifold closet doors installation is a very useful tool when dividing spaces. Look, if not this example, a bedroom separate from the dressing area by a totally white wardrobe that helps to ensure the balance and functional approach of the room. Do you feel authentic devotion to industrial-style environments? Then this […]

About Replacing Sliding Closet Doors

Replacing sliding closet doors – A wardrobe with sliding doors in opaque acrylic. And with an aluminum structure offers a very contemporary aesthetic. Its attractiveness makes it a piece capable of integrating perfectly in any room. Such as be it the bedroom, the living room , the hallway or the lobby. You choose! A closet […]

Best Sliding Closet Door Handles

Sliding closet door handles – The cabinets and dressing rooms are a key element to maintain order within the home. Its presence not only provides storage solutions capable of responding to our functional needs. But also can become pieces with a relevant role in the decorative project of any room. Materials, designs, shapes, colors, where […]

Lovely Shutter Closet Doors

The cabinets modular are an alternative to consider for those who do not wish to occupy an entire wall with these types of storage solutions. Choosing a wardrobe design with shutter closet doors or imitation wood doors. And including, for example, a mirror, will give elegance and warmth to your bedroom. The mirrors are usual […]