discover (& get) the wedding you want

wedding planning action step free download

Dreaming of an extraordinary day that's your kind perfect? A day that stands out for all the right reasons? Awesome!  We want that for you too...

The problem is, you can't have the wedding you want unless you know what you want in the first place.  And even if you THINK you know what that is, it's unlikely that you and your partner have really, truly uncovered it (because it's usually hidden beneath a whole lot of confusing opinions, rules, fears and worries).

We will show you how uncover what perfect means to you (the results may surprise you!), help you to create your very own, personalised wedding 'blueprint',  and then get you on track to actually making it happen. 

Follow the steps in this free guide and you will: 

  • Ensure you and your partner have a shared vision & move in the same direction
  • Feel confident in making planning decisions (& avoid costly backflipping)
  • Know where to spend and where to save your precious budget
  • Be able to clearly communicate with suppliers (and get them on the same page)
  • Create a day that’s totally you, and not a boring copy of every other wedding

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