Best Sliding Closet Doors

The sliding closet doors are perfect for this function of the changing rooms. Because they guarantee accessibility, ease of opening and also, a lot of aesthetics. You have to see these ideas of cabinets with this type of doors included! A white rectangular closet can also work as a fabulous and minimalist space separator. And […]

Closet Barn Doors Color

Closet barn doors – Although they are more expensive than conventional cabinets, the built-in ones have many advantages. These pieces make the most of the space since the limits are the ceiling, the floor and the walls on both sides of the furniture, which are usually find in the bedroom . When occupying completely the […]

The mirrored closet doors became very popular in the 80s, but it was a fad that stopped having followers. Now that the retro comes back. They are gathering strength again. And we begin to see them in designs of houses with a lot of style. Today’s article has modern door cupboards with mirrors so you […]

Bypass Closet Doors Built in

Bypass closet doors are mount on rails on top of the door frame. Instead of opening to the outside, these style doors slide sideways. The advantage of this design is that the door does not occupy any space inside the room itself, even when it is fully open. The most complex design with most of […]

Accordion Closet Doors Brown

Accordion closet doors – The folding doors provide all kinds of solutions for the home: they allow to subdivide or unify environments in a few seconds. Great help in this last case when the size of the house is very small. The folding doors are usually used for cabinets, but also for divisions with the […]

Black Curtains for Closet Doors

Cabinets are very important in our house, but they are usually element of furniture that requires greatest economic outlay. To minimize as much as possible this expense we can replace doors that serve as closing curtains. Using curtains for closet doors and cabinet doors can be an alternative for any wardrobe, whether bedroom, living room, […]

Best Louvered Closet Doors

If the louvered closet doors draw some shape or relief, you can always choose to color the inner layer . In this case, they have play with the holes to create a larger shape that can only be see a few meters away. The same concept can be apply to the cabinet’s reliefs. It will […]

Cool Wood Sliding Closet Doors

Wood sliding closet doors – When it comes to equipping a bedroom, after the bed and the nightstands, the next step is the closet. Most of the houses of today are deliver with built-in wardrobes, most of them are not always to our liking. The materials are of poor quality and the finishes leave much […]

Best Sliding Glass Closet Doors

The sliding glass closet doors do not steal much space and do not collide with the door of the room. Options of styles and materials will complement the design of the room. They carry rail in the lower and upper part of the door. The beauty of these doors in addition to being discreet when […]

Amazing Bedroom Closet Doors

Closet or closet is one of most important elements of a room, it is place where we store all our clothes and other belongings. Some very lucky people can have a separate room just to keep bedroom closet doors. But rest just have a shelf to do magic and everything fits in one place, preventing […]