Trend fixation: fun, flexible, fabulous carts

Sometimes a trend comes along that's so fabulous, so easy to adapt and so fun that you just have to have it.  We think carts are one of those trends.  

Fill them with delicious treats, refreshing beverages or simply use as a statement piece to add a stylish and surprising element to your big day. 

We love the classic bar cart, brimming with crystal glassware, decanters & florals.  Or a fun, retro popsicle cart, filled with sweet, icy treats.  We even love carts that serve no particular purpose except for looking cute ... why not? 

Whatever you like about carts. these portable little lovelies are one of the most flexible trends around.  You could fill them with just about anything and get away with it.  We can't wait for a couple that wants a custom pavlova cart, lollipop cart, confetti cart or party popper cart ... oh how the imagination could run wild! 

In the meantime, take some inspiration from this slideshow of pretty (and sometimes even practical!) carts ...


Loving all these chic little tables on wheels?  Oh Perfect Day has 2 gorgeous bar carts for hire for your big day.  Head over to our Hire Boutique to view them.  We can't wait to see the ideas you come up with for using them!  x